At Seton we believe it is not what you do but how you do business that makes you different. We see our clients as partners, there are no barriers. Our client relationships are built on trust, transparency, honesty and a commitment to deliver effective and value-added solutions.


Seton Design
Thistle House
1-2 Thistle Street
Edinburgh, EH2 1DD
Tel: 0131 226 4184

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Seton Design Clients

Our experienced team

Our experienced team has been involved in delivering successful integrated design projects for a number of high profile companies over the last twenty years, targeting the UK and International markets.

How We Work - Seton Design

Our approach breaks down into four key stages

Stage one – assess
During this first stage, we listen and review the clients market sector to gain an understanding of the clients business, objectives and the brand to get a full understanding of the issues requirements.

Stage two – think
This is where we get a chance to shine. Applying our creative and strategic brains to set the framework for the client that will allow them to meet their goals.

Stage three – create
This is when we deliver the tangible outputs that the client can take and use. It usually involves not just the design of the elements themselves but also the brand guidelines and support tools that allow them to be used effectively for all offline and online requirements.

Stage four – manage
This is an ongoing process and is often overlooked and is critical to the success of the programme of work. Reviewing feedback and applying it positively is critical to an ongoing project.